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You are More than Just a Headshot.

You are You. And your customers want
to see You! That's where I come in.

Hi. I'm Katie Schneider. 


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You NEED Personal Brand Photography

When someone visits your website, what is the first image they see?

That first impression is crucial. A strong image that quickly and effectively conveys your brand can mean booking a client.

It's not only the first image though. Consistent, powerful, high-quality images will tell your personal brand story. People want to connect with YOU, not your business.

On your website. On your social media accounts. And, especially on your sales pages.

Creating images with a professional photographer will save you time, effort and money.

Use your valuable time to actually grow your business and your brand
instead of worrying about having the right photos to get the exposure and the followers you want.

I will help you to translate your brand into images. Images you absolutely love and look your best in because I have the expertise to make sure you are posed to be your most flattering self. No more stuffy headshots. Your casual, lifestyle headshots will reflect the person you really are!

These images will strengthen your brand and attract the kind of clients you really want to work with.
You grow your business and reach your goals!

Professional personal brand images add value to your clients' experience. If a potential client views you as approachable, they are more likely to reach out and book your services. 

Build connections and trust between you and your clients. 


Attract and Engage Your Audience

Personal Brand Photography is not just a headshot, it's YOUR brand story!
We start with getting to know the what and the why of your brand.
I take those elements and turn them into professional quality images for you to engage your audience.

Personal Brand Photography Planning


First, start by contacting me. We schedule a relaxed conversation over coffee or tea where you help me understand your brand and your business. We make a plan for your photo session so that we capture photos that convey your brand story.


2. capture the photos

Second, your personal brand photo session will take place. We take elements from your brand and create a story with photographs. I guide you through all the poses. We collaborate to create your brand photos. You will feel comfortable and confident!


3. select your photos

Third, we meet for an in-person gallery reveal and selection meeting where you select your photographs. We review photos from your session and determine which photos best enhance your brand.

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4. engage your audience

Fourth, you publish your photos on your website, social media accounts, marketing materials, and beyond! You attract and engage your target audience through fresh, styled photos.

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Invest in Your Future and Elevate Your Brand!

Investing in a personal brand photo session builds brand authenticity and uniqueness, enables you to grow your business, boost audience engagement, and sell more products and services!

Brand Story Packages start at $3000. Contact me for more details.

What is a Brand Story? A collection of images you can use to tell the story of your brand on your website and/or social media. For example, if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or creative, one story could be you doing your work at the computer. A second story could you be meeting with a client or business partner. A third story could you be show casing your work. Other stories can include you being a wife, husband, partner, mother or father doing various family things. Yet another story could show a hobby of yours or something you enjoy doing for yourself. The collection of images include photos of you and still life images of your products, your equipment, planner, calendar, coffee mug, etc., whatever elements show the person behind the brand and authentically tell your unique story. During your Consultation, we collaborate to determine the specific elements and images we need to capture to authentically tell your brand story.

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Hello! I'm Katie Schneider. A personal brand photographer (aka a commercial lifestyle photographer) who will bring your brand story to life with gorgeous, professional images. Whether you're a business, brand, creative or influencer, personal branding photos are for you! Let's chat about how you can take your brand and business to the next level by increasing your engagement, reach, and sales.

Ready to chat about creating your collection of personal brand images? Fill out the contact form below and click on the "Let's Chat" button. I will send you an email or call you within 1 business day.

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"Working with Katie was an absolute dream! She is attentive, honest, and patient. Katie gave impeccable directions and was open to my ideas and preferences. She captured my brand, my story, and my personality perfectly. Katie went above and beyond to offer a superior level of personal service throughout the entire process. I literally felt like a queen during (and after) my shoot." -Lauren

 "As someone who is larger, I'm a little self-conscious about how I look and I loved that Katie took the time to help me look amazing! She provided excellent direction and the photos are proof!" -Anna

"She made me feel beautiful and at ease, explaining along the way why certain poses may feel awkward but will look great in the finished product." -Nicole